Family Lawyers For Matrimonial Disputes and Divorce Cases

Family Lawyers For Matrimonial Disputes and Divorce Cases

It can be devastating to everyone involved when disputes occur at home, whether through domestic violence, divorce, or financial troubles. You need to seek professional help if anything like that happens, and you need someone who can handle matters quickly and sensitively. If you experience domestic violence, we understand how urgent these matters can be, and will act accordingly to ensure your safety.

We have family law specialists who can provide you with full advice regarding your financial entitlements and obligations after a separation.

divorce and khula

Communicating with your former partner can be difficult enough without your divorce solicitors aggravating the situation. Family law lawyers at our firm strive to help you resolve family law disputes in a conciliatory manner, making life easier. Contact us to find out more.

If you have a matrimonial dispute, having the right lawyer can make all the difference. It is not uncommon for matrimonial disputes to be complex and sensitive. As a team of lawyers, we have developed the expertise to handle some of the most publicized matrimonial cases over the years, including divorce, maintenance, domestic violence, dowry, and custody.

Divorce and Khula Cases

It can be a long, drawn-out process to dissolve a marriage legally in Pakistan, whether by mutual consent or contested divorce. Separation of spouses and the return of dower articles are not the only issues involved in a divorce. As experts in the Islamic Family Laws Ordinance 1961, we are able to provide a solution tailored to the client’s subjective needs.

Maintenance of Wife and Children

Generally, the husband is responsible for providing for the wife (and children), known as the Nafqah or Nan Nafqah. There are certain rights and remedies that a wife can acquire if her husband fails to provide for their basic needs.

It is the father’s responsibility to support his children, and this responsibility cannot be absolved merely because his wife earns a living.

Domestic Violence Cases

In accordance with the Domestic Violence (Prevention and Protection) Act, of 2009, men cannot physically torture women, children, and domestic workers. The resolution of domestic violence and harassment cases always requires tailor-made solutions. Due to their extensive knowledge of the aforementioned law, our experts have dealt with some of Pakistan’s most significant domestic violence cases.

Counselling and Mediation

In matrimonial disputes, psychological factors, such as ego, emotions, feelings, etc., play an important role. Mediation provides the opportunity for a neutral party to listen to disputes objectively and attempt to preserve the relationship. In addition to resolving disputes, bridging communication gaps, and improving relationships between parties, mediation and pre-litigation have proven to be cost-effective and time-efficient. Pre-litigation mediation has been an effective means of resolving many matters at our firm.

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